What is

Roblox is a virtual platform, a vast universe that brings together millions of game worlds. Here you can visit different locations, chat with other players, organize events and follow your friends.

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how to play smile how to play smile
how to play smile how to play smile

step 1

Sign up for Roblox

Go to the official Roblox website and register.

Remember the nickname that you enter during the registration! It will be useful in the future for receiving additional points and prizes.


step 2

Install the Roblox App

After registration, the system will automatically prompt you to install a client for games, depending on your operating system. The apps for iOS and Android are available in the official stores.

Install the Roblox app and log in with the nickname from the previous step.


step 3

Install the game

Follow the link to the game page and launch it.

You are almost there! Move on to the next step!

The game is here
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step 4

Register on the site

Fill in the form with the link below and enter your Roblox nickname. Now you are participating in the giveaway of cool prizes!

Have fun and earn points!


Join Us

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Register and start the operation
to save Siberian Athens from the intergalactic scourge!

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Please enter the email address, name and phone number under which you will be playing in the metaverse. Otherwise, we won't be able to find you to deliver the gifts...


See you in the game!

I agree with the rules of the game, I've read the privacy policy and solemnly swear that I will play only under this nickname!